This Spring we’ll be staging Where There’s Smoke workshops at Columbia University’s IPE day in collaboration with the Narrative Medicine Program and the School of the Arts. The workshops are part of a design and ideation process to explore how projects like Where There’s Smoke can become prototypes for empathy healing spaces that harness story, design, play and emergent technology.
We’re fielding offers to mount the full installation in Los Angles, London and Amsterdam. If you’re interested in hosting the installation please let us know. hello@smokeproject.co
Where There’s Smoke is currently being developed as a browser-based experience that includes a tool kit for building immersive learning & healing spaces.
We’re working on an art book that will feature a collection of my Dad’s fire slides. Pulled from thousands of fire slides shot between 1968 and 1988.
In addition to the immersive documentary side of the project, we’re developing a fictional film/TV series and YA novel based on true events.



Writer/Director/Experience Designer
Lance Weiler

Executive Producers
Mary Beth O’Connor, Carl Moellenberg

Julia Pontecorvo, Nick Childs

Interactive Narrative Designer
Nick Fortugno

Composer/Sound Designer/Technical Producer
Peter English

Systems Engineer/Sound Designer
Jeff Gregorio

Production Designer
Jenny Nasal

Set Builder
Dale Worstall

Grip and Rigging
Rien Clabbers

Data Designer
Sarah Henry






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