This Spring we’ll be staging Where There’s Smoke workshops at Columbia University’s IPE day in collaboration with the Narrative Medicine Program and the School of the Arts. The workshops are part of a design and ideation process to explore how projects like Where There’s Smoke can become prototypes for empathy healing spaces that harness story, design, play and emergent technology.
We’re fielding offers to mount the full installation in Los Angles, London and Amsterdam. If you’re interested in hosting the installation please let us know. hello@smokeproject.co
Where There’s Smoke is currently being developed as a browser-based experience that includes a tool kit for building immersive learning & healing spaces.
We’re working on an art book that will feature a collection of my Dad’s fire slides. Pulled from thousands of fire slides shot between 1968 and 1988.
In addition to the immersive documentary side of the project, we’re developing a fictional film/TV series and YA novel based on true events.

Upcoming Shows


We’ll be staging two shows of WTS on November 22nd at 1pm and 4pm Eastern time. For more details click here.


Over the course of 2020 we’ve been workshopping a new virtual experience of Where There’s Smoke which will premiere this fall before touring festivals, conferences, museums and schools throughout 2021. The virtual version runs approximately 75 minutes or 90 minutes if we stage a Q&A / discussion. If you’re interested in hosting a virtual showing of Where There’s Smoke please contact us at hello@smokeproject.co



Virtual Performance
June 11th at 8pm ET

Virtual Performance
June 14th at 2pm ET

Special Talk
The Making of Where There’s Smoke
June 15th at 8pm ET


We’re excited to announce that we’re developing a new virtual version of Where There’s Smoke for upwards of a 100 participants. The experience weaves together storytelling, artwork, unseen archival 35mm slides, new recordings and immersive moments designed for individuals, pairs and groups. On June 11th and 14th we’ll be hosting two special workshop performances of the new version of Where There’s Smoke at the Reimagine Festival.



“Over 100 movies screened at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, but one of its best offerings lets you walk inside the frame and experience a story from the inside out.” – IndieWire

“The tech is sublimated here in service to Weiler’s very personal chronicling of his father’s life and the nature of their relationship. It’s a lovely piece and another must see.” – Filmmaker Magazine

Deeply affecting and incredibly well-crafted, this powerful documentary-meets-installation interactive experience leaves a lasting mark.…” – No Proscenium

“Absolute can’t-miss…” – Backstage 

“Tribeca Immersive 2019 Awesome List” – Forbes



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