We’re excited to announce that Where There’s Smoke will have a special installation at the Future of Storytelling Summit this coming October. This marks the first in a series of festival and event stagings of the live doc/immersive theatre/escape room experience.

Where There’s Smoke mixes live documentary, immersive theatre and an escape room to create an experience that explores memory and loss. Set within the aftermath of a blaze, participants race to determine the cause of a tragic fire by sifting through the charred remains.

“In 1983 our van burst into flames on a family vacation. Eleven months later our house would burn to the ground. As I explore my past I find mysterious connections to these blazes and come face to face with a closet full of skeletons. Inspired by true events in my life, Where There’s Smoke details the connections between two mysterious fires and my father’s battle with cancer.” – writer/director Lance Weiler



Work-in-progress showing




Where There’s Smoke is one of five finalists for the Future of Storytelling prize within the Innovation in Storytelling category.

Special work-in-progress installation Oct 3rd & Oct 4th – READ MORE

For over 20 years my father was a volunteer firefighter and amateur fire scene photographer. Where There's Smoke makes use of thousands of fire slides shot between 1968 and 1988.

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